Figure 113: Lingodbhavamurti

Image title: Figure 113: Lingodbhavamurti

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[original] Liṅgodbhavamūrti, façade sud du templion D, Kailāsanātha, Kāñcipuram(cliché V. Gillet, 2008)

[transcription] Lingodbhavamurti, south facade of templion D, Kailasanatha, Kancipuram (photo V. Gillet, 2008)

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These plates originate from the book The Creation of an Iconography as based on Shaivite narrative (original title: “La création d'une iconographie sivaïte narrative”) which details the sculptures and construction temples of the Pallava dynasty (in the Tamil-speaking Southern India) near the end of the 7th century. Usually, such constructions were dedicated to Shiva having the walls adorned with representations of Siva in various embodiments: some benign, some fierce and sanguinary, others victorious and regal.

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