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On the way to the sacrificial spot Viswamitra taught the princes many valuable lessons in the course of which he told them how they could endure hardships and use powerful Astras (weapons).

As they moved forward, a Rakshasi called Tataka, who was held in dread by the Rishis as well as by the denizens of the forest, accosted them. Viswamitra advised Rama that though Tataka was a woman she was the very personification of evil. It was right, therefore, that a prince like Rama should destroy the demon and rid the world of the evil. Thereupon Rama killed Tataka with a well-aimed arrow.

At Viswamitra's Asrama (cottage) the sacrifice was performed for six days and nights. The princes kept vigil and warded off the evil spirits, which tried to desecrate the sacrifice.

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These illustrations are from the book called “Children's Illustrated Ramayana” which is an abridged retelling of the Ramayana authored by Vishnu B while the illustrations are by Vipin K. Das.

Note: You can read the full English translation of the Ramayana on this site.

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