Chakra Samvara

Image title: Chakra Samvara

Description of the photo

This bronze sculpture shows an image of Chakra Samvara, from the 19th century.—Chakra Samvara can also be spelled as Cakra-Saṃvara (चक्र-संवर), Chakrasamvara, Cakrasamvara or Cakrasaṃvara (चक्रसंवर).

Gallery information:

The National Museum of Nepal (Rashtriya Museum) houses a variety of sculptures, carvings, statues, paintings and other objects grouped according to the major religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. This photo is from the Hindu bronze sculpture (dhatu-kala) section.

Photo details:
Date: 2019-11-29
Camera: SONY ILCE-6400
Exposure: 1/25
Aperture: f/5
ISO: 100
Focal length: 50mm

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Size: 3.29 MB
Resolution: 2168 x 3200
© Photograph by Gabe Hiemstra.
License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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