Egypt Through The Stereoscope

A Journey Through The Land Of The Pharaohs

by James Henry Breasted | 1908 | 103,705 words

Examines how stereographs were used as a means of virtual travel. Focuses on James Henry Breasted's "Egypt through the Stereoscope" (1905, 1908). Provides context for resources in the Travelers in the Middle East Archive (TIMEA). Part 3 of a 4 part course called "History through the Stereoscope."...

Maps And Plans

Egypt Tour, Map No. 1: Eastern Hemisphere


Egypt Tour, Map No. 2: Ancient Egypt and Surrounding Countries


Egypt Tour, Map No. 3: The Nile from the Mediterranean to Khartum


Egypt Tour, Map No. 4: Map of the Environs of Cairo


Egypt Tour, Map No. 5: Pyramids of Gizeh


Egypt Tour, Map No. 6: The Nile from Cairo to Feshn, including the Fayum and the Pyramids


Egypt Tour, Plan 7: Temple of Sethos I. At Abydos


Egypt Tour, Map No. 8: District of Thebes


Egypt Tour, Map No. 9: West Shore, Necropolis of Thebes



Egypt Tour, Plan 10: The Temple of Luxor



Egypt Tour, Plan 11: Plan of Karnak



Egypt Tour, Plan 12: The Great Temple of Ammon at Karnak



Theban Temples: Ramesseum (Plan 13), Temple of Der El-Bahri (Plan 14), Medinet Habu (Plan 15)



Egypt Tour, Plan 16: Temple of Horus at Edfu



Egypt Tour, Map 17: Environs of Assuan



Egypt Tour, Map 18: The Island of Philae


Egypt Tour, Plan 19: Abu Simbel

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