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Source: Shambala Publications: General

Zazen Jap. (Chin., tso-ch’an), lit., za, “sit­ting” and zen, “absorption”; meditative prac­tice taught in Zen as the most direct way to enlightenment. Zazen is not meditation in the usual sense, since medi­tation includes, at least initially, the focusing of the mind on a “meditation object” (for exam­ple, a mandala or a graphic representation of a bodhisattva) or contemplating abstract proper­ties (for instance, impermanence or compas­sion). Zazen, however, is intended to free the mind from bondage to any thought-form, vi­sion, thing, or representation, however sublime or holy it might be.

Even such aids to zazen practice as kōans are not meditation objects in the usual sense; the essential nature of a kōan is paradox, that which is beyond conception.

In its purest form zazen is dwelling in a state of thought-free, alertly wakeful attention, which, however, is not directed toward any ob­ject and clings to no content. If practiced over a long period of time with persis­tence and devotion, zazen brings the mind of the sitter to a state of totally contentless wakeful­ness, from which, in a sudden breakthrough of enlightenment, the sitter can realize their own true na­ture or buddha-nature, which is identical with the nature of the entire universe.

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