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General definition (in Hinduism)

Source: Indian myth and legend: Yama, the first man, and king of the dead

Yime from Zoroastrian religion.—Yama and his sister Yamí, the first human pair, areidentical with the Persian Yima and Yimeh of Avestan literature; they are the primeval “twins”, the children of Vivasvat, or Vivasvant, in the Rigveda and of Vivahvant in the Avesta.

Yama signifies twin, and Dr. Rendel Harris, in his researches on the Greek Dioscuri cult, shows that among early peoples the belief obtained widely that one of each pair of twins was believed to be a child of the sky. “This conjecture is borne out by the name of Yama’s father (Vivasvant), which may well be a cult-epithet of the bright sky, ‘shining abroad’ (from the root vas, ‘to shine’)”

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