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Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary

yēṇēṃ (येणें).—v i (yāna S) To come. 2 To be come; to be arrived; to have become present, or about or with one. 3 To draw near or towards; to approach or advance unto. 4 To come unto; i. e. to be known unto, or to be performable by. 5 To arise; to be excited or awakened--anger, cupidity, lust, compassion &c. 6 To happen unto, to befal. 7 To arise unto or upon; to spring forth from and on--flowers, fruits, leaves &c. 8 To come up to; to amount to or equal. Ex hī aṅgaṭhī tōḷābhara vajana yēīla; tō gāṃva ēthūna cāra kōsa yēīla. 9 To turn out; to appear in its final form or state. Ex. hēṃ pāgōṭēṃ cāṅgalēṃ ālēṃ nāhīṃ aṇakhī bāndha. 10 To become; to have attained or reached any condition or character. Ex. ghara agadī mōḍakaḷīsa ālēṃ āhē. 11 To be possible, expedient, convenient, advisable, becoming. Ex. tē dhanī paḍalē tyāsīṃ uttara karatāṃ yēta nāhīṃ prasaṅga pāhūna bōlāvayāsa yēīla. 12 To come up through or along (a duration or period, a course &c.) Ex. vaḍīla vartata ālē tyāpramāṇēṃ āmhī karīta ālōṃ. 13 To arise from; to be produced or formed out of;--as butter out of milk &c. 14 This verb is used to express Going or departure by people taking leave; the use of the verb jāṇēṃ on this occasion being viewed as unlucky: and, further, it intimates the intention of Coming again. It thus agrees with the French Au revoir.

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yēṇēṃ (येणें).—n Money due; money to come; debt outstanding.

Source: DDSA: The Aryabhusan school dictionary, Marathi-English

yēṇēṃ (येणें).—v i Come. Arise. Befall. Spring forth. Come up to. To become. To be possible. n Money due; debt out- standing.

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