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The Sanskrit term Yavapiṣṭa can be transliterated into English as Yavapista or Yavapishta, using the IAST transliteration scheme (?).

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Yavapiṣṭa (यवपिष्ट).—barleymeal.

Derivable forms: yavapiṣṭam (यवपिष्टम्).

Yavapiṣṭa is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms yava and piṣṭa (पिष्ट). See also (synonyms): yavakṣoda, yavacūrṇa.

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Yava (यव) refers to “barley grains”, used in ritualistic worship (pūjā), as mentioned in the Śi...
Piṣṭa (पिष्ट) refers to “ground flour”.—The taṇḍulas are the unhusked grains, piṣṭa is the grou...
Piṣṭapūra (पिष्टपूर).—n. (-raṃ) Meal, made up into a sort of cake with clarified butter. E. piṣ...
Indrayava (इन्द्रयव).—mn. (-vaḥ-vaṃ) The seed of the Wrightea antidysenterica. E. indra the pla...
Piṣṭapeṣaṇa (पिष्टपेषण).—n. (-ṇaṃ) 1. Grinding flour, (literally.) 2. Vain repetition, useless ...
Yavamadhya (यवमध्य).—n. (-dhyaṃ) A form of penance, diminishing the food daily during the fortn...
Piṣṭameha (पिष्टमेह).—m. (-haḥ) A kind of urinary disease. E. piṣṭa, mih to pass as urine, aff....
Yavanāla (यवनाल).—m. (-laḥ) 1. A sort of grass, very generally cultivated, and the grain extens...
Yavakṣāra (यवक्षार).—salt-petre, nitre, nitrate of potash; सौवर्चलं यवक्षारं सर्जिकां च हरीतकीम...
Madhyayava (मध्ययव).—m. (-vaḥ) A weight of six white mustard seeds. E. madhya middle, and yava ...
Piṣṭapaśu (पिष्टपशु).—m. (-śuḥ) A type or effigy of a victim, made with flour. E. piṣṭa, and pa...
Cīnapiṣṭa (चीनपिष्ट).—m. (-ṣṭaḥ) 1. Minium or red-lead. E. cīna China, and piṣṭa cake; brought ...
Yavaja (यवज).—m. (-jaḥ) Nitre. E. yava barley, and ja born: see yavakṣāra .
Śālipiṣṭa (शालिपिष्ट).—n. (-ṣṭaṃ) Crystal. E. śāli rice, and piṣṭa ground.
Yavāgraja (यवाग्रज).—m. (-jaḥ) Salt-petre. E. yava barley, agra the top or ear, ja born.

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