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Vyūhavibhāga (व्यूहविभाग).—a distinctive array of army; पक्षकक्षा-उरस्यानां बलाग्रतो व्यूहविभागाः (pakṣakakṣā-urasyānāṃ balāgrato vyūhavibhāgāḥ) Kau. A.1.

Derivable forms: vyūhavibhāgaḥ (व्यूहविभागः).

Vyūhavibhāga is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms vyūha and vibhāga (विभाग).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Vyūha (व्यूह).—m. (-haḥ) 1. Military array, the arrangement of troops in various positions; as ...
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Cakravyūha (चक्रव्यूह).—m. (-haḥ) The circular array of troops. E. cakra and vyūha array.
Śakaṭavyūha (शकटव्यूह).—a particular form of military array. Derivable forms: śakaṭavyūhaḥ (शकट...
Yogavibhāga refers to: dividing (division) of the relation (in grammar: to yoga 2) SnA 266. (Pa...
Dāyavibhāga (दायविभाग).—m. (-gaḥ) Portioning or portion of inheritance, division of property am...
Mākaravyūha (माकरव्यूह).—a particular form of military array.Derivable forms: mākaravyūhaḥ (माक...
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Uddhāravibhāga (उद्धारविभाग).—m. (-gaḥ) Partition, division of shares. E. uddhāra and vibhāga d...
Navavyūha (नवव्यूह).—an epithet of Viṣṇu. Derivable forms: navavyūhaḥ (नवव्यूहः).Navavyūha is a...
Viṣamavibhāga (विषमविभाग).—m. (-gaḥ) Unequal division of property amongst co-heirs. E. viṣama u...
Vyūhabheda (व्यूहभेद).—m. (-daḥ) Piercing or breaking an array. E. vyūha, bheda breaking.
Vibhāgakalpanā (विभागकल्पना).—f. (-nā) Apportioning or allotment of shares or portions. E. vibh...
Daṇḍavyūha (दण्डव्यूह).—a particular form of arranging troops, arranging them in long lines or ...
Dhātuvibhāga:—“distribution of relics” VvA.297; PvA.212. (Page 340) --- OR --- Dhātuvibhāg...

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