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The Sanskrit term Viṣṇupadagiri can be transliterated into English as Visnupadagiri or Vishnupadagiri, using the IAST transliteration scheme (?).

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Viṣṇupadagiri (विष्णुपदगिरि).—It is the mount where king Candra is said to have installed his flag-staff in honour of Lord Viṣṇu after returning from his dig-vijaya. The mount has been variously identified with the sites at Mehrauli, Mathura, Hardwar, Mandāra near Bhagalpur, and at Vipāśa (the Beas river). The epic evidence is very forceful in ascertaining the identification of Viṣṇupadagiri with the hill Somewhere near the sharp bend formed by the river Beas on emerging out of Kashmir into the border of Gurdaspur and Kangra districts.

(Source): Geography in Ancient Indian inscriptions
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