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Vikrayavīthi (विक्रयवीथि).—market.

Derivable forms: vikrayavīthiḥ (विक्रयवीथिः).

Vikrayavīthi is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms vikraya and vīthi (वीथि).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Vīthi or Vīthī.—(SII 1), a street. (EI 24, 30; CII 4), a shop; a stall or shop in a market. (EI...
Vikraya (विक्रय).—1) Sale, selling; यासां नाददते शुल्कं ज्ञातयो न स विक्रयः (yāsāṃ nādadate śul...
Vikrayānuśaya (विक्रयानुशय).—m. (-yaḥ) Rescission of sale. E. vikraya, anuśaya doubt.
Nāgavīthī (नागवीथी).—Daughter born to Yāmī, the daughter of Dakṣaprajāpati. (Viṣṇu Purāṇa, Part...
Yogavikraya (योगविक्रय).—m. (-yaḥ) Fraudulent sale. E. yoga, and vikraya sale.
Govīthi (गोवीथि).—f. Name of that portion of the moon's path which contains the asterisms भाद्र...
Ajavīthi (अजवीथि) or Ajavīthī (अजवीथी).—f. [ajena brahmaṇā nirmitā vīthiḥ śāka ta.] 1) one of t...
Asvāmivikraya (अस्वामिविक्रय).—a sale without ownership; Kau. A.3; Ms.8.4. निक्षिप्तं वा परद्र...
Gajavīthi (गजवीथि) or Gajavīthī (गजवीथी).—f. the three lunar mansions रोहिणी, आर्द्रा (rohiṇī, ...
Suravīthī (सुरवीथी).—A famous orbit of stars in Indraloka. (Vana Parva, Chapter 43, Verse 12).
Mṛgavīthī (मृगवीथी).—Name of that portion of the moon's course which includes the constellation...
Rasavikraya (रसविक्रय).—sale of liquors. Derivable forms: rasavikrayaḥ (रसविक्रयः).Rasavikraya ...
Vithi Citta Vithi
'process of consciousness'; s. viññānakicca.
krayavikrayānuśaya (क्रयविक्रयानुशय).—m S Rescission of sale.
Dakṣiṇāṃśakavīthi (दक्षिणांशकवीथि) or Dakṣiṇāṃśaka is a place-name classified as a vīthi and me...

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