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Source: BuddhaSasana: Concise Pali-English Dictionary

vikirati : (vi + kir + a) scatters; spreads; sprinkles.

Source: Sutta: The Pali Text Society's Pali-English Dictionary

Vikirati, (vi+kirati) to scatter about, sprinkle, spread, mix up (trs. & intrs.) M. I, 127; S. III, 190 (in simile of playing children: paṃsv’āgārakāni hatthehi ca pādehi ca vikiranti (mix up) vidhamanti (fall about) viddhaṃsenti (tumble over) vikīḷanikaṃ karonti, describing the scrambling and crowding about. In quite a diff. interpretation applied to Arahantship: see under vikiraṇa, as also in the same chapter (S. III, 190 § 11 sq.) in phrase rūpaṃ vikirati vidhamati etc. where it is meant in trs. sense of “destroy”; thus vi° in the same verb in meaning (vi° 1 & 2); S. IV, 41 (kāyo vikiri (came to pieces) seyyathâpi bhusa-muṭṭhi); J. I, 226; Pv. II, 38 (vikiri, v. l. for okiri); Miln. 101, 237 (lokadhātu vikireyya, would fall to pieces; combined with vidhameyya & viddhaṃseyya “drop & tumble, ” denoting total confusion and destruction. Similarly on p. 250=337 “vāri pokkhara-patte vikirati vidhamati viddhaṃsati”: the water scatters, drops & falls off; applied figuratively to bad qualities at same passage); SnA 172.—Pass. vikiriyyati & vikirīyati may be taken either to vikirati or vikaroti (cp. kiriyati); DhsA. 19 (suttena saṅgahitāni pupphāni na vikirīyanti na viddhaṃsiyanti: get scattered and fall off); ppr. vikirīyamāna PvA. 271 (with sprawling or confused limbs); imper. vikiriyyatu J. III, 368.—pp. vikiṇṇa. (Page 613)

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