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Vidhivadhū (विधिवधू).—f. an epithet of Sarasvatī.

Derivable forms: vidhivadhūḥ (विधिवधूः).

Vidhivadhū is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms vidhi and vadhū (वधू).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Vidhi (विधि).—m. (-dhiḥ) 1. A sacred precept, an act or rite prescribed by the Vedas, for effec...
Vadhu (वधु).—f. (-dhuḥ) 1. A son’s wife. 2. A wife in general. vah to bear, u aff.; more common...
Yathāvidhi (यथाविधि).—Ind. or n. adv. According to rule. E. yathā, and vidhi precept.
Suvidhi (सुविधि).—a good rule, ordinance. Derivable forms: suvidhiḥ (सुविधिः).Suvidhi is a Sans...
Vadhūpakṣa (वधूपक्ष).—the party of the bride (at a wedding). Derivable forms: vadhūpakṣaḥ (वधूप...
Vadhūpraveśa (वधूप्रवेश).—the ceremony of a bride's entrance into her husband's house. Derivabl...
Navavadhū (नववधू).—1) a newly-married girl. 2) a daughter-in-law. Derivable forms: navavadhūḥ (...
Kulavadhū (कुलवधू).—f. a woman of good family and character. त्यागिनां कुलयोषिताम् (tyāgināṃ ku...
Snānavidhi (स्नानविधि).—1) the act of ablution. 2) the proper manner or rules of ablution. Deri...
Vidhyādi (विध्यादि).—m. the beginning of a विधि (vidhi) or injunction; the main or प्रधान (prad...
Vilomavidhi (विलोमविधि).—1) a reverse action. 2) a rule of inversion (in math.). Derivable form...
Daṇḍavidhi (दण्डविधि).—f. (-dhiḥ) Criminal law, mode of punishment. E. daṇḍa, and vidhi rule.
Vadhūjana (वधूजन).—m. (-naḥ) A woman. E. vadhū a female, and jana person.
Vāravadhū (वारवधू).—'a woman of the multitude', a common woman, harlot, courtezan, prostitute; ...
Pālāśavidhi (पालाशविधि).—Burning a human corpse with Pālāśa wood in case it is not burnt in the...

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