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Source: Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency

Veṇugrāma is the name of an ancient locality situated at the modern Belgaum.—The capital of Raṭṭas the was evidently Saundatti, in the Belgaum District (the chief town of the Parasgaḍ tāluka), which is mentioned in the records by the ordinary name of Savadhavatti or Sāvandhavatti and the Sanskṛtised appellation of Sugandhavartin; but, towards the end of their career they had also a seat of government at Belgaum, which is mentioned as Velugrāma, Veṇugrāma, and Veṇupura.

Source: What is India: Inscriptions of the Śilāhāras

Veṇugrāma is the name of a village mentioned in the “Tālale plates of Gaṇḍarāditya ”. Accordingly, “Victorious is Bhoja, the wild fire to Veṇugrāma, a lion to the elephants that were his enemies, the god of world-destruction to Govinda, a thunderbolt to the mountain in the form of Kurañja, who occupied Koṅkaṇa by the might of his arms and released Bhillama from captivity”.

These copper plates (mentioning Veṇugrāma) were discovered by Ramchandrarao Appaji while he was digging in a field at Tālale in the Kolhāpur District. It is dated Tuesday, the tenth tithi of the bright fortnight of Māgha in the expired year 1032 (Śaka), the cyclic year being Virodhin. It records the grants made by Gaṇḍarāditya.

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