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Theravada (major branch of Buddhism)

Source: Pali Kanon: Pali Proper Names

1. Vasettha. The constant attendant of Narada Buddha. J.i.37; Bu.x.23.

2. Vasettha, Vasittha. The name of an old rsi held in high esteem for his knowledge. He was one of the originators of the Vedic runes.

Vin.i.245; D.i.104; M.ii.164, 200; Mil.162, etc.; cf. Vasistha in Vedic Index.

3. Vasettha. Name of a gotta, probably tracing its descent to the sage Vasettha (Skt. Vasistha). In the Maha Parinibbana Sutta (D.ii.147, 159) we find the Mallas of Kusinara addressed as Vasettha, as well as the Mallas of Pava (D.iii.209). It was a gotta held in esteem (ukkattha). E.g., Vin.iv.8.

4. Vasettha. A young brahmin who, with his friend Bharadvaja, visited the Buddha and held discussions with him. These discussions are recorded in the Tevijja Sutta, the Vasettha Sutta, and the Agganna Sutta. Buddhaghosa says (DA.ii.399; SNA.ii.463; cf. SN., p.116) that Vasettha was the chief disciple of Pokkharasati. According to him again (DA.ii.406; cf.iii.860, 872), Vasetthas first visit to the Buddha was on the occasion of the preaching of the Vasettha Sutta, at the conclusion of which he accepted the Buddha as his teacher. He again did so, when, at his next visit, the Buddha preached to him the Tevijja Sutta. Soon after, he entered the Order, and, at the conclusion of the preaching of the Agganna Sutta, he was given the higher ordination and attained arahantship. He belonged to a very rich family and renounced forty crores when he left the world. He was an expert in the three Vedas.

5. Vasettha. A lay disciple, evidently distinct from Vasettha (3). He visited the Buddha at the Kutagarasala in Vesali and the Buddha preached to him (A.iv.258). See Vasettha Sutta (2). He is mentioned among the Buddhas eminent lay disciples. A.iii.451.

6. Vasettha. A brahmin; see Dhumakari. The scholiast explains (J.iii.402) that he belonged to the Vasetthagotta.

7. Vasettha. A brahmin of Kapilavatthu, father of Vappa Thera. ThagA.i.140.

8. Vasettha. A very rich brahmin, father of Sela Thera. Ap.i.318.

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Theravāda is a major branch of Buddhism having the the Pali canon (tipitaka) as their canonical literature, which includes the vinaya-pitaka (monastic rules), the sutta-pitaka (Buddhist sermons) and the abhidhamma-pitaka (philosophy and psychology).

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