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Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary

varīṃ (वरीं).—prep C More commonly vārīṃ where see at large. 2 (Or vara) Up to; up to the period of, or extent or degree of. Ex. ājavarīṃ, udyāvarīṃ, varṣāvarīṃ, pāyalīvarīṃ, maṇavarīṃ, khaṇḍīvarīṃ.

--- OR ---

vārīṃ (वारीं).—prep (vāra) By, with, through, by means of: noting instrumentality. Ex. cōra ālē tara āmacē gharacyā bāyakā kērasuṇīvārīṃ māratīla; paṅkhyā- vārīṃ vārā ghyāvā. 2 After; according to; in the manner or fashion of. Ex. malā tō tṛṇāvārīṃ mōja- tō; aśā kāmālā pāṇyāvārīṃ paikā kharacalā pāhijē. 3 Under, in, as following after, or as included or disposed of under, in, together with. Ex. mī bōlalōṃ tēṃ maskarīvārīṃ ghālavilēṃ; sagaḷā divasa khēḷa- ṇyāvārīṃ gēlā; pāṇṭībhara āmbē āṇalē titakēhī prasā- dāvārīṃ gēlē; hāsyāvārīṃ, vinōdāvārīṃ, bōlaṇyāvārīṃ, hāsaṇyāvārīṃ, uḍālyāvārīṃ, gēlyāvārīṃ, udhaḷalyāvārīṃ. 4 Instead of; in the place of; for. 5 For the sake of; as mī pōṭāvārīṃ majurī karatōṃ. This sense, although this example of it is familiar, is uncommon.

Source: DDSA: The Aryabhusan school dictionary, Marathi-English

varīṃ (वरीं).—prep Up to the period of or extent or degree of, as in ājavarīṃ, udyāṃvarīṃ, khaṇḍīvarīṃ.

--- OR ---

vārīṃ (वारीं).—prep By, with. After, Under. For; for the sake of.

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