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The festival Vaikasi Visaka is observed on the day when the asterism Visaka (Libra) rules in the month of Vaikasi, called also Vaisaka, corresponding to the English month May-June. It is the full-moon day of the month and the celebration of the festival is offering worship to Dharmaputra, the God of death. The day is also said to be one in which God Subrahmanyam incarnated in this world when this asterism Visaka was in the ascendant. Hence this festive occasion is said to be doubly important and meritorious.

Chaturdasi is the fourteenth Tithi either from the Tithi new-moon or full-moon and it is also the fourteenth day from the new-moon day or the full-moon day. If such a day happens to be a Tuesday in any of the dark fortnights, the occasion is said to be specially favourable for the worship of Dharmaputra to free oneself from bodily ailments.

Dharmaputra or Dharmaraja, who is worshipped on this occasion, is one of the Dikpalakas or guardian angels of the quarters of the earth. He is said to be the guardian of the southern quarter while Indra guards the east.

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