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Ambiguity: Although Vachaspatimishra has separate glossary definitions below, it also represents an alternative spelling of the Sanskrit word Vacaspati-mishra. It further has the optional forms Vāchaspatimiśra, Vachaspatimisra, Vāchaspati-miśra, Vachaspati-mishra and Vachaspati-misra.

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Vedanta (school of philosophy)

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Source: Preceptors of Advaita

In the history of Advaita literature, Vāchaspatimiśra stands out as a prominent figure. He is well-known as the author of the commentary—Bhāmatī on Śrī Śaṅkara's bhāshya on the Brahma-sūtra.

Vāchaspatimiśra holds that performance of rituals and other duties relating to one’s stage and order of life generate in the mind of the aspirant the desire to know Brahman. While commenting on the section known as Sarvāpekshādhikaraṇa (iii, iv, vi) Vāchaspatimiśra states that knowledge of Brahman for its rise requires the performance of rituals which generates in the mind of the aspirant the desire to know Brahman; and the Upanishadic text ‘vividishanti yajñena’ states so.

On the strength of a reference in the Nyāyasūchīnibandha, Prof. Das Gupta has come to the conclusion that Vāchaspatimiśra must have flourished in the first half of the ninth century A.D. (See Das Gupta, History of Indian Philosophy, II, 107.)

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Vedanta (वेदान्त, vedānta) refers to a school of orthodox Hindu philosophy (astika), drawing its subject-matter from the Upanishads. There are a number of sub-schools of Vedanta, however all of them expound on the basic teaching of the ultimate reality (brahman) and liberation (moksha) of the individual soul (atman).

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