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Source: BuddhaSasana: Concise Pali-English Dictionary

upapajjati : (upa + pad + ya) to be reborn in; rises.

Source: Sutta: The Pali Text Society's Pali-English Dictionary

Upapajjati, (doubtful whether a legitimate form as upa + pad or a diaeretic form of uppajjati = ud + pad. In this case all passages ought to go under the latter. Trenckner however (Notes 77) defends upa° & considers in many cases upp° a substitution for upa. The diaeresis may be due to metre, as nearly all forms are found in poetry. The v. l. upp° is apparently frequent; but it is almost impossible to distinguish between upap° and upp° in the Sinhalese writing, and either the scribe or the reader may mistake one for the other) to get to, be reborn in (Acc.); to originate, rise Vin. III, 20 (nirayaṃ); A. III, 415; V, 292 sq.; Sn. 584; It. 13 (nirayaṃ), 14 (sugatiṃ; v. l. upp°), 67 (saggaṃ lokaṃ; v. l. upp°); 43 = Dh. 307 (nirayaṃ); Dh. 126, 140; Pv. I, 107 (v. l. BB. udapajjatha = uppajja PvA. 50); Pug. 16, 51, 60; Nett 37, 99, cp. Kvu 611 sq. ‹-› pp. upapannā (q. v.).—Caus. upapādeti & pp. upapādita (q. v.). (Page 144)

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