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In Hinduism

Mīmāṃsā (school of philosophy)

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Source: Srimatham: Mīmāṃsa: The Study of Hindu Exegesis

1) Upakramopasaṃhāra (उपक्रमोपसंहार) refers to one of the various tools used by authors displaying their skill in the art of writing.—The opening (upakrama) and concluding (upasaṃhāra) passage of a particular text introduce and summarise the subject matter—they provide the context in which the rest of the text is to be understood. They must be in context and in harmony with each other and thus determine the purport of the body of the text. It is a fallacy to begin with an assertion and then complete the argument with a different conclusion.

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Mimamsa (मीमांसा, mīmāṃsā) refers to one of the six orthodox Hindu schools of philosophy, emphasizing the nature of dharma and the philosophy of language. The literature in this school is also known for its in-depth study of ritual actions and social duties.

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