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Source: Dhamma Dana: The 13 Ascetic Practices of Buddhist Monks

(see ekasanika dhutayga).

The Noble Practitioner: The individual who is a noble practitioner of the ekasanika dhutayga does no longer accept any food that is extra to the one which he already has at disposal when he starts taking his meal, from the moment when he decides to start eating and he puts his hand into one of the recipients by means of which he eats (bowl, etc.), whether the quantity of food is small or large.

Any individual practising the ekasanika dhutayga (of the three kinds) can accept, before or after having changed of spot at the end of the meal, some medicinal foodstuffs (such as butter, molasses...), in a medical purpose. If such foodstuffs are consumed in order to feed oneself after having changed ones spot at the end of the meal, the practitioner breaks this dhutayga while accepting one of these foodstuffs.

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