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uḍadyā murūma (उडद्या मुरूम).—m A kind of murūma (decayed rock). It breaks into very fine and black particles resembling the pulse uḍīda.

Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary
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muruma (मुरुम).—m A fissile kind of stone. m n Eruption upon the face, about pu- berty, of pimp...
Tambada Muruma
tāmbaḍā murūma (तांबडा मुरूम).—m A red kind of murūma q. v. for the other kinds.
Dagadi Muruma
dagaḍī murūma (दगडी मुरूम).—m A hard kind of murūma q. v. 2 Stone broken into small fragments i...
Lokhandi Muruma
lōkhaṇḍī murūma (लोखंडी मुरूम).—m A hard kind of murūma q. v.
Khara (खर).—nt., n. of a hamlet: Divy 577.11.
kōṇḍyāmurūma (कोंड्यामुरूम).—m (Branny murūma.) A very soft and powdery kind of murūma or de- c...
baraḍa (बरड).—m An insect infesting grain, wood &c. Pr. turī barōbara baraḍa ciraḍalā jātō.--- ...
kharapaṭa (खरपट).—n A rocky surface. A blister. a Rugged and hard.
muramāḍa (मुरमाड).—n Crumbly rock; the decayed trap. a A bounding in muruma-soil.
buruma (बुरुम).—Commonly muruma.
burambaṭa (बुरंबट).—a Consisting of or having the stone called muruma-soil.
Mukhadūṣikā (मुखदूषिका).—an eruption disfiguring the face. Mukhadūṣikā is a Sanskrit compound c...
kāḷāmurūma (काळामुरूम).—m Black variety of murūma q. v.
muramāḍī (मुरमाडी) [or मुरमाड, muramāḍa].—a Abounding in or consisting of murūma--ground, soil.

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