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ucalaṇēṃ (उचलणें).—v i (uccalana S) To rise--pustules, boils, or bumps upon the body; bubbles or waves upon water; mounds, mole-hills, ant-hills upon the ground; crust or scales upon a cowdung-smeared floor; clouds over the sky &c. &c.: also to increase or grow fatter or bigger. 2 To advance in height; to shoot up--animals or plants. Ex. dōna divasa pāūsa lāgatāñca jhāḍēṃ ucalalīṃ. v imp or ucalūna yēṇēṃ To rise and heave in the stomach; to be affected with short gastric convulsions; to be queasy or qualmish. Ex. kālacē upōṣaṇāmuḷēṃ kṣaṇōkṣaṇīṃ ucalatēṃ. ucalūna jāṇēṃ or yēṇēṃ (vādāviṣayīṃ or yuddhāviṣayīṃ) To provoke or bring on (a discussion or a fight). ucalūna jāṇēṃ (lagnāsa or vivāhāviṣayīṃ) To go with one's daughter and with the people and materials necessary, to the village of the intended husband; there to celebrate the marriage. This is a deviation from decorous usage. ucalūna bōlaṇēṃ or ucalūna gōṣṭa sāṅgaṇēṃ To speak big; to talk high, loftily, vaingloriously &c.

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ucalaṇēṃ (उचलणें).—v c (uccalana S) To raise; to heave or lift up. 2 fig. To undertake, take in hand, assume, adopt (a business, province, part, character). 3 To incite, instigate, urge, set on. 4 To catch up and pocket; to snap up furtively. ucalūna apaṭaṇēṃ To kick up and throw; to kick up the heels of. ucalūna dēṇēṃ To lift up (gaṇapati, gaṅgā- jaḷī, tuḷasī, bēla, bhaṇḍāra, dhānya &c.) and put into the hand of, i. e. to swear unto by gaṇapati &c. ucalūna dharaṇēṃ with of o. To dun hard; to worry and torture for payment or for alms;--used of a banker or a beggar. 2 To make high and hard terms; to ask high interest--a banker. 3 With g. of o. To lift up; to take the part of; to espouse and extol or vindicate.

Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary

ucalaṇēṃ (उचलणें).—v i Rise; shoot up. v t Raise, to heave or lift up. Undertake. Incite. To snap up furtively.

Source: DDSA: The Aryabhusan school dictionary, Marathi-English
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