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Tiktataṇḍulā (तिक्ततण्डुला).—long peper (Mar. piṃpaḷī).

Tiktataṇḍulā is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms tikta and taṇḍulā (तण्डुला).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Snigdhataṇḍula (स्निग्धतण्डुल).—m. (-laḥ) Rice of quick growth. E. snigdha oily, tuṇḍala grain.
kuṭa-tānduḷa (कुट-तांदुळ).—m pl Rice which readily breaks into small particles during the opera...
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sābūcē tāndūḷa (साबूचे तांदूळ).—& sābūdāṇā More correctly sāgūcē tāndūḷa & sāgūdāṇā.

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