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The name ṭiklī is derived from tīka, which means a mark on the forehead made in an initiation ceremony. The basis of the ṭiklī is vermilion, which is smeared on lac-clay, while above it a piece of mica or glass is attached as an additional ornament.

Russell describes them, and gives a plate of twenty-four specimens in colour in his Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces (vol. iv, pp. 106 - 110). He says that the tikti is worn in the Hindustāni districts and not in the south. Women from Rājputāna, such as the Mārwāri Banias and Bañjāras, wear large spangles set in gold, with a border of jewels as well, if they can afford it. Thus it will be seen that considerable art in making and designing ṭiklīs can be achieved.

The ṭiklī forms part of the sohāg or lucky trousseau. It is made chiefly by the Lakheras and Patwas in the Jubbulpore, Betūl, Raipur and Saugor districts of the Central Provinces. It is affixed to the girl’s forehead at her marriage and is worn until her husband’s death. It appears that sometimes unmarried girls also wear small ornamental spangles.

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