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Source: The Chronology of Ancient Gandhara and Bactria

Thomas the Apostle’s visit to the court of King Gondophares IV Sases.—Thomas the Apostle or St. Thomas was well known as Doubting Thomas because he doubted the resurrection of Jesus after death. According to the anc ient Roman text “ The Apocryphal Acts of Thomas” also known as “The Acts of Judas Thomas”, Habban took Thomas to King Gondophares (most probably, King Gondophares IV Sases), the ruler of Taxila, as a carpenter.

The Christian missionaries in India have fraudulently concocted that St. Thomas visited Malabar, Kerala and died at Chennai based on the reference of Kingdom Mazdei of Southern India. In fact, Thomas travelled from Taxila (Northern India) to Gandhara close to Khurasan region (Southern India) in a chariot. The names of King Misdeus, Queen Tertia, son Juzanes etc., clearly suggest the Indo-Greek or Hellenized Persian descent. Evidently, Thomas went to Gandhara-Khurasan region in the south India and not Kerala. Moreover, the name of Kingdom “Mazdei” unambiguously suggests the Kingdom of Ahur Mazda or Zoroastrian Kingdom. Thus, Thomas died in Gandhara-Khurasan region and not in Chennai.

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