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Thambha (“obstinacy”) in Buddhism refers to one of the sixteen upakilesa (subtle defilements).

Source: Google Books: The Fruits of True Monkhood

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thambha : (m.) a pillar; post; a clump of grass; obduracy.

Source: BuddhaSasana: Concise Pali-English Dictionary

Thambha, (see etym. under thaddha; occasionally spelt thamba, viz. A. I, 100; M. I, 324; PvA. 186, 187) 1. a pillar, a post Vin. I, 276; D. I, 50 (majjhimaṃ °ṃ nissāya); II, 85 (id.); Sn. 214; Vv 782 (veḷuriya°, of the pillars of a Vimāna); Pv III, 31 (id.); DhA. IV, 203; VvA. 188 (+tulā-gopānasī); PvA. 186.—2. (fig.) in all meanings of thaddha, applied to selfishness, obduracy, hypocrisy & deceit; viz. immobility, hardness, stupor, obstinacy (cp. Ger. “verstockt”): thambho ti thaddha-bhāvo SnA 288, 333; th. thambhanā thambhittaṃ kakkhaliyaṃ phāruliyaṃ ujucittatā (an°?) amudutā Vbh. 350.—Often combined w. māna (=arrogance), frequent in set sāṭheyyaṃ th. sārambho māno, etc. A. I, 100, 299=Nd2 under rāga=Miln. 289; cp. M. I, 15.—A. III, 430 (+māna); IV, 350, 465 (+sāṭheyya); Sn. 245 (+mada), 326, 437 (as one of Māra’s combatants: makkho th. te aṭṭhamo); J. I, 202.—3. a clump of grass M. I, 324; cp. thambhaka. (Page 308)

Source: Sutta: The Pali Text Society's Pali-English Dictionary
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