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The novice (saama.nera) has Ten Precepts, as does the dasasiila mata nun. These are the same Eight as above, however the seventh precept is split into two and an extra tenth precept is added. Thus:

  1. to abstain from taking life.
  2. to abstain from taking what is not given.
  3. to abstain from unchastity.
  4. to abstain from false speech.
  5. to abstain from intoxicants causing heedlessness.
  6. to abstain from untimely eating.
  7. to abstain from dancing, singing, music and unseemly shows.
  8. to abstain from wearing garlands, smartening with scents, and beautifying with perfumes.
  9. to abstain from the use of high and large luxurious couches.
  10. to abstain from accepting gold and silver (money).
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