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Source: Buddhist Door: Glossary

Ten Great Disciples of Skakyamuni Buddha. They are:

  1. Mahakasyapa in Sanskrit, Mahakassapa in Pali. - first in ascetism.
  2. Ananda - first in having heard the words of Buddha.
  3. Sariputra in Sanskrit, Sariputta in Pali. - first in wisdom.
  4. Subhuti - first in expressing emptiness.
  5. Purna - first in explaining good law.
  6. Maudgalyayana in Sanskrit, Moggallana in Pali. - first in supernatural power.
  7. Katyayana - first in preaching.
  8. Aniruddha in Sanskrit, Anuruddha in Pali. - first in the sharpness of his divine eyes.
  9. Upali - first in taking precepts.
  10. Rahula - first in esoteric practices and in desire for instruction in the law.

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