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Tarapradipa, aka: Tārāpradīpa; 1 Definition(s)


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In Hinduism

General definition (in Hinduism)

Tārāpradīpa (ताराप्रदीप).—On the worship of Tārā, we have the Tārāpradīpa, sometimes wrongly ascribed to Lakṣmaṇadeśika; its real author was probably called Yādava. It contains about 1260 ślokas in five or six chapters it quotes i.a. the Phetkāriṇī and Yoginī Tantras and the Matsyasūkta. The first chapter mainly describes initiation; the second, worship; the third, Tārā’s “intermediate” manifestations; the fourth, rites of magic; the fifth, the mastery of mantras.

Source: Google Books: Hindu Tantric and Śākta Literature

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