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Alternative spellings of this word include Tapanachchhada.

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Tapanacchada (तपनच्छद).—the sun-flower.

Derivable forms: tapanacchadaḥ (तपनच्छदः).

Tapanacchada is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms tapana and cchada (च्छद).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Tapana (तपन).—(1) m. or nt., and °nā, box or basket, in which infants are enclosed and thrown ...
Indratāpana (इन्द्रतापन) is a name mentioned in the Mahābhārata (cf. II.9.15) and represents o...
Tapanatanaya (तपनतनय).—m. (-yaḥ) Karna, &c. f. (-yā) 1. The Yamuna river. 2. The Tapti rive...
Tapanamaṇi (तपनमणि).—m. (-ṇiḥ) The sun-stone. E. tapana, and maṇi a gem.
Sarvatāpana (सर्वतापन) or Sarvvatāpana.—m. (-naḥ) Love or the deity Kama. E. sarva all, tāpana ...
Tapanāṃśu (तपनांशु).—m. (-śuḥ) A ray of the sun, a sun-beam. E. tapana, and aṃśu ray.
Krakacacchada (क्रकचच्छद).—m. (-daḥ) A plant with a strong smelling flower, (Pandanus ordoratis...
Uttaracchada (उत्तरच्छद).—a bed-covering, covering (in general); शय्योत्तरच्छदविमर्द- कृशाङ्गरा...
Saptacchada (सप्तच्छद).—Name of a tree (Mar. sātavīṇa); गजाश्च सप्तच्छद- दानगन्धिनः (gajāśca sa...
Karkaśacchada (कर्कशच्छद) is another name for Paṭola, a medicinal plant identified with Trichos...
Tapanātmaja (तपनात्मज).—an epithet (1) of Yama. (2) of Karṇa. (3) of Sugrīva. Derivable forms: ...
Karacchada (करच्छद).—the teak tree. Derivable forms: karacchadaḥ (करच्छदः).Karacchada is a Sans...
Alpacchada (अल्पच्छद) or Alpacchāda (अल्पच्छाद).—a. scantily clad; दूरादेव महाजनस्य विहरत्यल्पच...
Kamanacchada (कमनच्छद).—a heron (having beautiful plumage).Derivable forms: kamanacchadaḥ (कमनच...
Vivatta-cchada, (adj.) having the cover removed, with the veil lifted; one who draws away the ...

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