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Taṇḍulgha (तण्डुल्घ).—

1) a prickly sort of bamboo.

2) a heap of grain.

Derivable forms: taṇḍulghaḥ (तण्डुल्घः).

Taṇḍulgha is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms taṇḍula and ogha (ओघ).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Jaṅghā (जङ्घा).—n. of a (tantalizing) state of preta-existence: Śikṣ 57.6.
Taṇḍula.—unit of measurement; half of a dhānya-māṣa (JNSI, Vol. XVI, p. 48). Note: taṇḍula is d...
Ogha (ओघ).—[uc-ghañ pṛṣo° gha]1) A flood, stream, current; नायं शक्यस्त्वया बद्धुं महानोघस्तपोध...
Sūkṣmataṇḍula (सूक्ष्मतण्डुल).—m. (-laḥ) The poppy. “khaskhas”. f. (-lā) 1. Long-pepper. 2. A s...
Snigdhataṇḍula (स्निग्धतण्डुल).—m. (-laḥ) Rice of quick growth. E. snigdha oily, tuṇḍala grain.
kuṭa-tānduḷa (कुट-तांदुळ).—m pl Rice which readily breaks into small particles during the opera...
Ogha Vagga
Ogha, (Vedic ogha and augha; BSk. ogha, e.g. Divy 95 caturogh’ottīrṇa, Jtm 215 mahaugha. Etym....
Viranem Tandula
viraṇēṃ tāndūḷa (विरणें तांदूळ).—m pl C Rice that readily breaks up into particles under the op...
Sabuce Tandula
sābūcē tāndūḷa (साबूचे तांदूळ).—& sābūdāṇā More correctly sāgūcē tāndūḷa & sāgūdāṇā.
Taṇḍula-parvata.—(IA 9), name of a gift. Note: taṇḍula-parvata is defined in the “Indian epigra...
Tiktataṇḍulā (तिक्ततण्डुला).—long peper (Mar. piṃpaḷī). Tiktataṇḍulā is a Sanskrit compound con...
Śālitaṇḍula (शालितण्डुल) refers to “rice of the Śālī variety”, which forms a preferable constit...
Taṇḍulottha (तण्डुलोत्थ).—rice-gruel. Derivable forms: taṇḍulottham (तण्डुलोत्थम्).Taṇḍulottha ...
dhutalēlā-tāndūḷa (धुतलेला-तांदूळ).—m dhutalēlēṃ mōtīṃ Terms for a fine, blooming person.
Taṇḍulakaṇa (तण्डुलकण).—a rice-grain. Derivable forms: taṇḍulakaṇaḥ (तण्डुलकणः).Taṇḍulakaṇa is ...

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