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tāmbaḍā lāla (तांबडा लाल).—a (tāmbaḍā & P Both words signifying Red, but the latter is added enhancingly.) Of a full and bright red.

Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary
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Marathi is an Indo-European language having over 70 million native speakers people in (predominantly) Maharashtra India. Marathi, like many other Indo-Aryan languages, evolved from early forms of Prakrit, which itself is a subset of Sanskrit, one of the most ancient languages of the world.

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Lala (लल).—mfn. (-laḥ-lā-laṃ) 1. Sporting, frolicking. 2. Lolling, wagging. 3. Wishing, desirou...
Lālābhakṣa (लालाभक्ष).—Name of a hell Derivable forms: lālābhakṣaḥ (लालाभक्षः).Lālābhakṣa is a ...
tāmbaḍa (तांबड).—f Red soil.--- OR --- tāmbaḍā (तांबडा).—a Red. tāmbaḍēṃ phuṭaṇēṃ Dawn.
Lālāmeha (लालामेह).—passing mucous urine. Derivable forms: lālāmehaḥ (लालामेहः).Lālāmeha is a S...
Lala Bhadaka
lāla bhaḍaka (लाल भडक) [or लाल लाल भडक, lāla lāla bhaḍaka].—a ( H) Flaming red, fiercely or viv...
Lālāsrava (लालास्रव).—a spider. Derivable forms: lālāsravaḥ (लालास्रवः).Lālāsrava is a Sanskrit...
Hĕri-Lāḻa-Kannaḍa-sandhivigrahin.—(IE 8-3), same as Sanskrit Mahā-Lāṭa-Karṇāṭa-sandhivigrahin; ...
Tambada Kuda
tāmbaḍā kuḍā (तांबडा कुडा).—m A tree. It is disting. into tāmbaḍā kuḍā & kāḷā kuḍā.
Satica Lala
satīcā lāla (सतीचा लाल).—m (A ruby-offspring of a chaste or virtuous female.) A term of Gosavis...
tāmbaḍā-bōra (तांबडा-बोर).—a Of a chestnut colour.
Tambada Eranda
tāmbaḍā ēraṇḍa (तांबडा एरंड).—m Castor-oil tree, Ricinus communis.
Jivavara Lala
jivāvara lāla (जिवावर लाल).—m (With g. of s. The ruby upon the life of.) A term for a person or...
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Aśvalālā (अश्वलाला).—a kind of snake. Aśvalālā is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms a...
Tambada Bhopala
tāmbaḍā bhōpaḷā (तांबडा भोपळा).—m The fruit of ḍāṅgara, the dark green pompion when it is ripe ...

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