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tāmbaḍā citraka (तांबडा चित्रक).—m Red leadwort, Plumbago rosea.

Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary
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Citraka (चित्रक).—m. (-kaḥ) 1. The Chita or small hunting leopard. 2. A painter. 3. The castor ...
tāmbaḍa (तांबड).—f Red soil.--- OR --- tāmbaḍā (तांबडा).—a Red. tāmbaḍēṃ phuṭaṇēṃ Dawn.
Pandhara Citraka
pāṇḍharā citraka (पांढरा चित्रक).—m A white variety of citraka.
Tambada Kuda
tāmbaḍā kuḍā (तांबडा कुडा).—m A tree. It is disting. into tāmbaḍā kuḍā & kāḷā kuḍā.
Tambada Lala
tāmbaḍā lāla (तांबडा लाल).—a (tāmbaḍā & P Both words signifying Red, but the latter is added e...
Tambada Bora
tāmbaḍā bōra (तांबडा बोर).—a A color of the horse, chestnut: also attrib. of a chestnut color.
Binducitraka (बिन्दुचित्रक).—the spotted antelope. Derivable forms: binducitrakaḥ (बिन्दुचित्रक...
tāmbaḍā-bōra (तांबडा-बोर).—a Of a chestnut colour.
Tambada Bola
tāmbaḍā bōḷa (तांबडा बोळ).—m (Commonly raktyā bōḷa) Gummyrrh.
Sucitraka (सुचित्रक).—1) a king fisher. 2) a kind of speckled snake. Derivable forms: sucitraka...
Tambada Amba
tāmbaḍā āmbā (तांबडा आंबा).—m (Red mango.) A term for the fruit rātambā or Garcinia purpurea.
Bhāṣācitraka (भाषाचित्रक).—a play on words, conundrum. Derivable forms: bhāṣācitrakam (भाषाचित्...
Carmacitraka (चर्मचित्रक).—white leprosy. Derivable forms: carmacitrakam (चर्मचित्रकम्).Carmaci...
Tambada Usa
tāmbaḍā ūsa (तांबडा ऊस).—m Red sugarcane, Saccharum officinarum.
Tambada Eranda
tāmbaḍā ēraṇḍa (तांबडा एरंड).—m Castor-oil tree, Ricinus communis.

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