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ṭācēcēṃ kāḷīja (टाचेचें काळीज).—n (The heart of the heel. As the heel is delicately sensible to pricking, pinching &c., so is one's wife to raillery or bantering addressed to her brother.) A term for one's mēhuṇā or wife's brother. 2 A term for a beloved wife or a sweetheart.

Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary
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kāḷīja (काळीज).—n The liver; the heart. kāḷajālā bhōṅka pāḍaṇēṃ Receive a great shock. kāḷīja p...
jivācā-kalijā (जिवाचा-कलिजा) [or dā, or दा].—m (One's own heart or liver.) jivācā gaḍī, mitra &...
upharāṭēṃ-kāḷīja (उफराटें-काळीज).—n A term for a desperate, dare-devil fellow, an unscrupulous ...
Upharatem Kalija
upharāṭēṃ kāḷīja (उफराटें काळीज).—n A term for a desperate daredevil fellow; a dreadnought, a m...
Jivaca Kalija
jivācā kalijā (जिवाचा कलिजा) [or दा, dā].—m (One's own heart or liver.) jivācā gaḍī-mitra-vastū...
Sūpa (सूप).—m. (= Sanskrit Lex. id.; AMg. sūva), cook: Mv ii.478.12, 17 (sūpa-mahattarakaṃ pṛcc...
ḍhasaḍhasa (ढसढस) [or sāṃ, or सां].—--- OR --- ḍhasāḍhasa (ढसाढस).—--- OR --- dhasadhasa (धसधस)...
dhaḍadhaḍa (धडधड).—f n The sound fancied during quick palpitation.--- OR --- dhaḍadhaḍa (धडधड) ...
Carācara (चराचर).—a. 1) movable and immovable; चरा- चराणां भूतानां कुक्षिराधारतां गतः (carā- ca...
phāṭaṇēṃ (फाटणें).—v i To tear, rend. To break. To be torn with cares &c. To wander wildy, or t...
kāḷajī (काळजी).—f Care, anxiety.
Kalajaca Boka
kāḷajācā bōkā (काळजाचा बोका).—m (kāḷīja & bōkā) The heart. A term known esp. to the Butcher.
dhukumuku (धुकुमुकु).—ad (Imit.) With palpitation or fluttering, pit-a-pat. v vāṭa, jīva or kāḷ...
Patha Ughadi Padanem
pāṭha ughaḍī paḍaṇēṃ (पाठ उघडी पडणें).—g. of s. To have one's back uncovered (as by the death o...
dhukamuka (धुकमुक).—ad (Imit.) With palpitation or fluttering, pit-a-pat. v vāṭa, jīva or kāḷīj...

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