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Source: T.T.D. Monthly Bulletin Vol. VIII

Sri Vancheswara was the son of Nrsimha. He was the great-grandson of Vancheswara Sudhi, the famous author of Mahisha Sataka and the minister of the King Tukoji of Tanjore. His ancestors were natives of Sahajirajapurara (Tiruvisanallur) near Tiruvidairaarudur in Tanjore District. He was an inhabitant of Sahajirajapuram, a village granted for the benefit of Sanskrit Scholars by Sri Sahaji, King of Tanjore. He had studied Mimamsa, Nyaya and Vedanta under Iswara, Srinivasa and Ahobila Pandita. He belonged to a family, of Karnataka Brahmins. He seems to have lived towards the close of the 18th and the beginning of.the I9th century. His important work on Advaita is Brahma Sutrartha Chintamani.

His other works are

  1. Bhattachintamani, a commentary on Bhatta Dipika (Mimamsa)
  2. Dattaka Chintamani,
  3. Sraddha Chintamani (3. & 4. Dharmasastra),
  4. Hiranyakesiya Srauta Sutra Vyakh.ya and 6. a commentary on Mahisha Sataka.

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