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Source: T.T.D. Monthly Bulletin Vol. VIII

Sri Balakrishnananda, also called Abhinava Dravidacharya, belongs to the Ananda Saraswati sampradaya of Advaita Sanyasis. He was a disciple of Sridharananda, and was a contemporary of Krishnananda Saraswati, the author of Siddhanta Siddhanjanam. Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, the author of Laghu Chandrika and Nyayarati\amala was the Vidyaguru of Balakrishnananda. He refers to the place of his birth as Sruti-nagara. This Srutinagara is probably the same as Vedapuri, otherwise known as Tiruvottiyur (Cheyyar Taluk) in the North Arcot District, sixteen miles to the south of Kanchi. He seems to belong to the 17th century.

His works are commentaries on

  1. Isa,
  2. Kena,
  3. Kata,
  4. Chhandogya,
  5. Prasna Upanishad
  6. and Bikshu (Brahma) Sutra Bhashya Vartika.

In his Vartika he has dealt with some topics not dealt with in the Bhashya, He studied various branches of learning under various authors, namely Nyaya under Vasudevendra Saraswati, Jyotisha (Astronomy) under Swayamprakasatirtha, Vedanta under Brahmananda Saraswati, Kavyas under Venkatakavi, Vyakarana under Nagoji Bhatta.

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