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Simraongarh or Simraungadh or Simroungarh (सिम्रौनगढ) was the fortified city and an ancient capital of the Tirhut Kingdom founded by Karnat Kshatriya King Nanyadeva in 1097. Presently it is a municipality of Nepal, located in Bara District, Province No. 2. The city finds mention in the travel accounts of a Tibetan monk and pilgrim, Dharmasvamin (1236) when he was on his way back to Nepal and Tibet [...].

Simraongarh was the capital of an independent Hindu kingdom of the Mithila or Tirhut from the 11th century to early 14th century. The fortified city was built along the present-day border between India and Nepal. The rule of the Karnata dynasty marks an important milestone and a golden age in the history of Tirhut. The rise of this empire saw the birth of efficient administration, social reforms, religious and the development of local folk music and literature.

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