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Vyakarana (Sanskrit grammar)

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Source: Wikisource: A dictionary of Sanskrit grammar

Siddhakāṇḍa (सिद्धकाण्ड).—The chapter or portion of Panini's grammar which is valid to the rules inside that portion, as also to the rules enumerated after it. The word is used in connection with the first seven chapters and a quarter of the eighth chapter of Panini's Astadhyayi, as contrasted with the last three quarters called त्रिपादी (tripādī), the rules in which are not valid to any rule in the preceding portion, called by the name सपासप्ताध्यायी (sapāsaptādhyāyī) or सपादी (sapādī) as also to any preceding rule in the Tripadi it-Self cf. पूर्वत्रासिद्धम् (pūrvatrāsiddham) P, VIII.2.1.

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Vyakarana (व्याकरण, vyākaraṇa) refers to Sanskrit grammar and represents one of the six additional sciences (vedanga) to be studied along with the Vedas. Vyakarana concerns itself with the rules of Sanskrit grammar and linguistic analysis in order to establish the correct context of words and sentences.

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