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The Sanskrit term Śuklavastra can be transliterated into English as Suklavastra or Shuklavastra, using the IAST transliteration scheme (?).

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Śuklavastra (शुक्लवस्त्र).—a. dressed in white.

Śuklavastra is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms śukla and vastra (वस्त्र).

(Source): DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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śuklapakṣa (शुक्लपक्ष).—m The bright or light half of the month. Fig. Advancement.
Vastra (वस्त्र) is a general name for “clothing” once commonly made by craftsmen in ancient Kas...
Annavastra (अन्नवस्त्र).—food and clothing, food and raiment, the bare necessaries of life. Der...
Śukladaṃṣṭra (शुक्लदंष्ट्र) refers to “white canine teeth” and represents the fifty-fifth of th...
Vadhūvastra (वधूवस्त्र).—bridal apparel, nuptial attire. Derivable forms: vadhūvastram (वधूवस्त...
Śuklavṛtti (शुक्लवृत्ति).—f. 1) a pure mode of life. 2) the maintenance derived by a Brāhmaṇa f...
Vastravilāsa (वस्त्रविलास).—foppery in dress. Derivable forms: vastravilāsaḥ (वस्त्रविलासः).Vas...
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Vastrabhedin (वस्त्रभेदिन्).—m. a tailor. Vastrabhedin is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the...
pōṭāsa-anna-ḍhuṅgāsa-vastra (पोटास-अन्न-ढुंगास-वस्त्र).—n A simple competency.
Divyavastra (दिव्यवस्त्र).—a. divinely dressed. (-straḥ) 1 sunshine. 2) a kind of sun-flower. D...
Śuklahanutā (शुक्लहनुता) or Śuklahanu refers to “his jaw is fine” and represents the twenty-six...
Vastragranthi (वस्त्रग्रन्थि).—the knot of the lower garment (which fastens it near the navel);...

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