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The Sanskrit term Śrutāyus can be transliterated into English as Srutayus or Shrutayus, using the IAST transliteration scheme (?).

In Hinduism

Purana and Itihasa (epic history)

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Source: Puranic Encyclopedia

1) Śrutāyus (श्रुतायुस्).—A son of Purūravas. (See under Purūravas). (See full article at Story of Śrutāyus from the Puranic encyclopaedia by Vettam Mani)

2) Śrutāyus (श्रुतायुस्).—(ŚRUTĀYUDHA.) A Kaliṅga king. Birth. Śrutāyus was son of Varuṇa by Parṇāśā (For more details see under Parṇāśā). Other details.

2) (i) He was a member of Yudhiṣṭhira’s assembly. (Mahābhārata Sabhā Parva, Chapter 4, Verse 26).

2) (ii) Śrutāyus participated in Yudhiṣṭhira’s Rājasūya yajña and presented precious stones to him. (Mahābhārata Dākṣiṇātya Pāṭha, Sabhā Parva, Chapter 51).

2) (iii) He had attended Draupadī’s Svayaṃvara. (Mahābhārata Ādi Parva, Chapter 185, Verse 13)

2) (iv) In Bhārata Yuddha, he joined the Kaurava camp and assumed command of an Akṣauhiṇī (a division of the army). (Mahābhārata Bhīṣma Parva, Chapter 76, Verse 16).

2) (v) A fierce fight took place between Śrutāyus and Bhīmasena in the field of Kurukṣetra. (Mahābhārata Bhīṣma Parva, Chapter 54, Verse 67).

2) (vi) In the above battle, Satya and Satyadeva who were the supporters of Śrutāyus, were slain by Bhīmasena. (Mahābhārata Bhīṣma Parva, Chapter 54, Verse 76).

2) (vii) Another battle was fought between Śrutāyus and Arjuna. (Mahābhārata Droṇa Parva, Chapter 92, Verse 36).

2) (viii) Śrutāyus was killed by his own cudgel. (Mahābhārata, Droṇa Parva, Chapter 92, Verse 54). (See also under Śrutāyudha).

3) Śrutāyus (श्रुतायुस्).—A Kṣatriya king. He was born from a portion of the Daitya, Krodhavaśa. We get the following details about him from Mahābhārata:

(i) Śrutyāyus was the re-birth of Krodhavaśa, the Daitya. (Mahābhārata Ādi Parva, Chapter 67, Verse 64).

(ii) Śrutāyus, who was a Mahāratha (a great warrior) was present at the Svayaṃvara of Draupadī. (Mahābhārata Ādi Parva, Chapter 185, Verse 21).

(iii) This Śrutāyus was a member of Yudhiṣṭhira’s assembly. (Mahābhārata Sabhā Parva, Chapter 4, Verse 28).

(iv) On the first day of Bhārata battle, there was a clash between Śrutāyus and Irāvān. (Mahābhārata Bhīṣma Parva, Chapter 45, Verse 69).

(v) He was the King of Ambaṣṭha country. In the Bhārata battle he encountered Arjuna. (Mahābhārata Bhīṣma Parva, Chapter 59, Verse 75).

(vi) It was this Śrutāyus who stood in the middle portion of the Krauñca Vyūha formed by Bhīṣma in the above battle. (Mahābhārata Bhīṣma Parva, Chapter 75, Verse 22).

(vii) Yudhiṣṭhira defeated Śrutāyus. (Mahābhārata Bhīṣma Parva, Chapter 84, Verse 1).

(viii) At Kurukṣetra, Arjuna killed Śrutāyus in the battle. Arjuna had to fight a fierce battle in order to kill Śrutāyus. (Mahābhārata Droṇa Parva, Chapter 98).

4) Śrutāyus (श्रुतायुस्).—A warrior who fought on the Kaurava side. He was the brother of the hero Ayutāyus. In Bhārata battle, both these brothers joined the Kauravas. Both were assigned the task of defending the southern wing of the Kaurava army. After a life-and-death struggle, Arjuna killed both of them. (Mahābhārata Droṇa Parva, Chapter 95, Verse 7).

Source: Shodhganga: The saurapurana - a critical study

Śrutāyus (श्रुतायुस्) or Śrutāyu is one of the six sons of Aila Purūravas, according to the Vaṃśānucarita section of the 10th century Saurapurāṇa: one of the various Upapurāṇas depicting Śaivism.—Accordingly, [...] Aila Purūravas, the most illustrious pious king gets married to Urvaśī, the heavenly damsel who is cursed by Brahmā to spend sometime here on earth. Purūravas begets on her six sons—Āyu, Mayu, Amāyu, Viśvāyu, Śatāyu and Śrutāyus (Śrutāyu). All these are celebrated like Semi-divine beings (devayonaya).

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Śrutāyus (श्रुतायुस्).—[masculine] [Name] of [several] men.

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1) Śrutāyus (श्रुतायुस्):—[from śruta > śru] m. Name of a king of the solar race (descended from Kuśa, son of Rāma), [Rāmāyaṇa]

2) [v.s. ...] of a son of Purū-ravas, [Mahābhārata]

3) [v.s. ...] of another king and various other men, [ib.; Harivaṃśa; Purāṇa]

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