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The Sanskrit term Śrāddhamitra can be transliterated into English as Sraddhamitra or Shraddhamitra, using the IAST transliteration scheme (?).

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Śrāddhamitra (श्राद्धमित्र).—making friends through a श्राद्ध (śrāddha); cf. श्राद्धम् (śrāddham) (1) above; स स्वर्गाच्च्यवते लोकाच्छ्राद्धमित्रो द्विजाधमः (sa svargāccyavate lokācchrāddhamitro dvijādhamaḥ) Ms.3.14.

Derivable forms: śrāddhamitraḥ (श्राद्धमित्रः).

Śrāddhamitra is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms śrāddha and mitra (मित्र).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Śraddha (श्रद्ध).—adj. (= śrāddha, q.v., and Pali saddha; Vedic śraddha, not Class. Sanskrit), ...
Mitra (मित्र).—n. (-traṃ) 1. A friend. 2. An ally; in this form it is always neuter; but it is ...
Viśvāmitra (विश्वामित्र).—m. (-traḥ) A Muni, the son of Gad'Hi, originally of the military orde...
Sumitra (सुमित्र).—m. (-traḥ) The father of the twentieth Jina of the present era. f. (-trā) On...
Balamitra (बलमित्र).—A king. Śatrughna who led the yāga horse of Śrī Rāma fought with Vīramaṇi ...
Mitrāmitra (मित्रामित्र).—friend and foe; मित्राऽमित्रस्य चार्जनम् (mitrā'mitrasya cārjanam) Ms...
Agnimitra (अग्निमित्र).—The hero of Kālidāsa’s play, Mālavikāgnimitra. He was a King of the Śuṅ...
Mitrabheda (मित्रभेद).—m. (-daḥ) Breach of friendship. E. mitra and bheda division.
Vṛddhiśrāddha (वृद्धिश्राद्ध).—n. (-ddhaṃ) A Shrad'dha or sacrifice to progenitors on any prosp...
Vahnimitra (वह्निमित्र).—m. (-traḥ) Air, wind. E. vahni fire, and mitra the friend.
Kṛtrimamitra (कृत्रिममित्र).—m. (-traḥ) An acquired friend; one on whom benefits have been conf...
Śrāddhadeva (श्राद्धदेव).—m. (-vaḥ) 1. Yama. 2. A god presiding our funeral rites. 3. A Vishwad...
1) Mitravinda (मित्रविन्द).—A deva. The havis (clarified butter which is put in the Agni called...
Mitrasāha (मित्रसाह).—a. kind or indulgent to friends; स्वैर्दौहित्रैस्तारितो मित्रसाहः (svaird...
Śraddhājāḍya (श्रद्धाजाड्य).—n. (-ḍyaṃ) Obstinate adherence to one’s faith.

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