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Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary

ṣaṭakarma (षटकर्म).—n (S) ṣaṭakarmēṃ n pl The six duties or privileges appropriate to Brahmans; viz. procuring or vicariously conducting sacrifice, sacred study, alms-giving or gift-giving, sacrificing in and for one's own person, teaching the Vedas and Shastras, accepting suitable donations (adhyayana, dāna, yājana, adhyāpana, pratigraha, yajana). See under śēṇavī. 2 The six acts which may be performed through the virtue of magical texts; viz. enchanting or infatuating, killing, turning out or expelling, captivating or enthralling, suppression of any bodily faculty, and destruction generally (jāraṇa, māraṇa, uccāṭana, mōhana, stambhana, vidhvaṃsana). These are taught in the Tantras. 3 The six occupations or acts allowable to a Brahman for his subsistence; viz. gleaning, accepting gifts, asking alms, agriculture, trade, tending cattle, or, according to some, lending money at interest (kaṇavṛtti, pratigraha, yācanā, or bhikṣāvṛtti, kṛṣi, vāṇijyavṛtti, gōrakṣya, vārdhu- ṣikavṛtti).

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