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Shanmukhi, from षण्मुख (ṣaṇmukha), having six mouths or faces. The term is composed of two Sanskrit words – ‘shat’ ( ṣaṭ six षट्) and ‘mukhi’ (मूकी mūkī mouths or gates; मुख mukha mouth). So the full name means the ‘six-gated mudra’. The six gates refer to the two eyes, two ears, nose and the mouth. The purpose of the Shanmukhi Mudra is to symbolically shut the mind from the five senses so the mind can maintain an inward focus in the state of pratyahara (sense withdrawal) and get ready for meditation.

Synonyms: Shanmukhi or Yoni योनि Mudra, "The complete gesture", "The closing of the six gates". It may also be called Yoni mantra योनिमन्त्र.

Source: Yogarasa: Shanmukhi षण्मुख मुद्रा or Yoni Mudra योनि मुद्रा

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