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Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary

ṣaḍaguṇa (षडगुण).—m pl S The six attributes (of God); viz. samagra aiśvarya, samagra dharma, samagra yaśa, samagra śrī, samagra jñāna, samagra vairāgya All-sovereignty or lordship, allgoodness or excellence, all-glory, majesty, or power, all-opulence or fullness, all-knowledge or understanding, absolute exemption from desire or affection (i. e. all-dispassionateness). 2 The six properties, functions, offices, or peculia of rājanīti (regal policy); viz. sandhi, vigraha, yāna, āsana, dvaidhī- bhāva, samāśraya Amity with foreign powers, hostility or war, campaigning or setting out against, sitting still or holding one's self under restraint, inciting dissension and division, contracting alliance or protective connection. 3 An assemblage of any six qualities or properties. ṣaḍguṇaiśvaryasampanna Perfect with the majesty of the six attributes;--used of the Deity, a saint, a king &c.

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