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Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary

savaḍa (सवड) [or संवड, saṃvaḍa].—f (su & vēḷa) An interval of leisure or convenience; a brief intermission of pressing occupation; a vacant or spare moment. Ex. malā sārādivasa kāma āhē tyānta yēṇyāsa sa0 sāmpaḍalī tara yēīna. 2 Spare room; an unoccupied and unobstructing spot (amidst throngedness or straitenedness). Ex. sagaḷī jāgā bharalī ēka manuṣya basāyāsa dēkhīla sa0 nāhīṃ. 3 Room, place, a hole, opportune or unopposing vacuity (as left, kept, made, sought, found, in a promise, affirmation, discourse, speech). Ex. dhanyācī ājñā jhālī tara yēīna asī nāhīṃ mhaṇāyāsa sa0 ṭhēva. 4 Freely. The place, region, sphere, or tract (of the influence or operation) of. Ex. nijavṛtti kāḍhī sarva māyā tōḍī || indriyāsavaḍīṃ lapūṃ nakō||. 5 A covert term amongst women for sala a dead fœtus remaining in the womb.

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savaḍa (सवड).—prep R Before, in the front or presence of. 2 ad Face to face, confrontingly.

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savadā (सवदा).—m ( P) Traffic, trade, merchandising, marketing. 2 Goods, wares, merchandise, commodities: also a commodity, an article of merchandise.

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sāvaḍa (सावड).—f Reciprocation of service or of cattlelending amongst farmers. See irajīka or āvaḍa- sāvaḍa.

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sāvada (सावद).—n R (Commonly sāvaja) A wild quadruped, a beast of the desert.

Source: DDSA: The Aryabhusan school dictionary, Marathi-English

savaḍa (सवड).—f An interval of leisure or convenience. Spare room. Place of influence.

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savaḍa (सवड) [-ḍē-ḍyāṃ, -डे-ड्यां].—prep In the presence of. ad Face to face.

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savadā (सवदा).—m Traffic, trade. Goods; a com- modity.

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sāvaḍa (सावड).—f Reciprocation of service amongst farmers.

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