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Source: Red Zambala: On the Salvific Activities of God

According to Vedanta Deśikan, all forms of material pleasure and happiness and all material goals have 7 defects known as Saptadoṣa these are:—

  1. alpa - their end results are trivial
  2. asthira - they are transient and impermanent,
  3. asukara - not easily obtained, they require much effort and are time consuming.
  4. asukhavasana - ultimately ending in grief and disappointments.
  5. dukhanvita - accompanied by disappointments and supported only by struggle.
  6. anucitam - incompatible with our essential being.
  7. abhimāna-mūla - they’re based upon a false sense of self and lead to further perpetuation of this delusive sense of identity.

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