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Source: Mediaeval Jainism: with special reference ot the Vijayanagara empire

Saṅgītapura (सङ्गीतपुर).—From the latter half of the fifteenth till the latter half of the sixteenth century A.D., the rulers of Saṅgītapura figure as champions of Jainism. Saṅgītapura, or better known as Hāḍuhaḷḷi was one of the chief cities of Tuḷuva (now in the North Kanara district). The kings of this belonged to the Kaśyapa-gotra and the Soma-vaṃśa.

An inscription dated A.D. 1488 describes Saṅgītapura thus.—“In the Tauḷavadeśa, the abode of fortune, having splendid caityālayas, a place of descent in the female line, inhabited by happy, generous, and pleasure-loving people, filled with elephants, horses, and powerful warriors, poets, disputers, orators, and declaimers, a place for the productioa of elegant literature, reoowned for all the fine arts, was Saṅgītapura”.

Source: Jainworld: Jain History (h)

Saṅgītapura (सङ्गीतपुर) is the historical name for Hāḍuvalli, situated in North Kanara District. The rulers of this area were champions of the Jaina faith and there was a pontifical seat of the Digambaras which started from the middle of the fifteenth century.

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