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Saṃpuṭatantra (संपुटतन्त्र).—The Saṃpuṭa-tantra is classed by the commentators as a yoginī-tantra. The short title of this tantra has several variants: Saṃputa, Saṃpuṭi, Saṃpuṭodbhava, Saṃpuṭitilaka. We learn from it that the translation of this tantra into Tibetan was executed by the Indian master Gayādhara and ’Brog mi Śākya ye shes (992–1072).

Practically the whole Saṃputa-tantra is composed on the basis of materials already found in other tantras such as the Guhyasamāja, the Hevajra, and other important tantric texts, which were already in existence before the composition of the Saṃpuṭa-tantra. However, the eclectic nature of this tantra is quite understandable and justifiable when one considers its purpose, namely, an exposition of tantric theories and practices taught in the yoga and yoginī-tantras.

Source: Institute of Buddhist Studies: Buddhist Forum, Volume 4 (buddhism)

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