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Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary

samōra (समोर).—ad & prep (sa & mōharā Front.) In front; in the fore or opposite place or part: also in front of; before or opposite; in the presence of. 2 This word may often appear to be used in the sense of Straight, direct, of a regular and right line; or in that of Straightly, directly, regularly; for it will be applied to rivers, roads, rows of trees or buildings &c.;--but it has not this sense. The speaker, in applying the word to rivers, roads, rows, and, apparently, with intention to declare their directness or straightness, invariaably adopts emphatic utterance and significant manual action; and by this accordingly he means to say simply that the river, road &c. runs Right in front, straight before the beholder (i. e. necessarily in a straight or perpendicular line from him). This notice is given because this application of the word, and this misapprehension of the import of it under this application, are exceedingly common. Ex. hī nadī sa0 āhē or cāla- lī; hā mārga sa0 āhē or lāgalā; tī vṛkṣapaṅkti sa0 āhē or lāvalī; tī rēgha sa0 āhē or ōḍhalī &c. In all these examples the word samōra (defective in its proper import) would be uttered emphatically and with prolation. 3 Esp. in Konkan̤. Straight up; quite erect or upright;--as a post, stick, nail: also straight, directly, right along, right in the line; as hā khiḷā sa0 māra or ṭhōka.

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sāmōrā (सामोरा).—ad decl (samōra In the presence of.) In the front or fore part. Ex. tyālā sā0 jā -yē -hō Go, come, be in the way before him.

Source: DDSA: The Aryabhusan school dictionary, Marathi-English

samōra (समोर).—ad & prep In front; in the presence of; upright; straight.

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sāmōrā (सामोरा).—ad In the front of forepart.

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